SparrowHawk III Gyroplane Quick Build Kit - (Please contact us for current pricing. Prices are subject to change without notice and do not include applicable tax, crating*, paint, and shipping & handling. All shipments are FOB factory.)

Standard Equipment
All Airframe Components
Upholstered Seats (Black, Red, Blue or White)
Dual Control Assembly
Dual Fuel Pumps
Engine: Subaru 165 hp EJ25 (used)
Pitot Tube
Propeller: 3 Blade Warp Drive
Rotor Blades, Head, and Teeter-bar: 30' diameter
Rotor Brake Assembly
Tail, Factory Pre-Built
Throttle Lock Assembly
Electrical Switches and Breakers
Fuel Injection
Pre-Rotator System
Air Speed Indicator
Fuel Gauge
Oil Pressure Indicator
Engine Tachometer
Rotor Tachometer
Volt Meter
Coolant Water Temperature Indicator

SparrowHawk III Optional Equipment
Cabin Doors with Hardware
Oil Cooler Package (recommended for hot areas)
 Consists of an aircraft grade cooler, engine adapter,
 lines and fittings.
Flight Information Systems
 Master Warning System that Monitors Flight and Engine Instruments
 Electronic Monitor Screen for Flight and Engine Instruments
  Air Speed Indicator
  Heading Indicator
  Vertical Speed Indicator
  Engine Tachometer
  Rotor Tachometer
  Fuel Pressure Sensor
  Oil Pressure and Temperature
  Coolant Temperature
  Volt Meter

*Crating International shipments require crating material that meets ISPM 15 Standards

AAI Stability Augmentation Kit for the RAF2000
The kit consists of:
Composite tall tail assembly with an integral Non-symmetrical horizontal stabilizer
Drop keel cluster plate assembly with hardware
Welded steel tube landing gear with suspension
PSRU mounting plate
 Allows inverting the PSRU thereby creating Center-Line Thrust
Anti-Servo Tab
 Aids in static and dynamic yaw stability by aerodynamically returning the rudder to center when deflected

We also offer our AAI Stability Augmentation Kit customers the option to upgrade their existing single bearing rotorhead to a double bearing rotorhead. Price varies depending upon condition of rotorhead.

The SparrowHawk III Gyroplane Quick Build Kit is an Amateur-Built (also known as home-built or kit-built) aircraft, built by individuals and licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as "Experimental." The Experimental designation has been in existence for more than half a century. It defines aircraft that are used for non-commercial, recreational purposes such as education or personal use. Currently, more than 23,000 amateur-built/home-built aircraft are licensed by the FAA. While some of these are truly "home-built" by individuals, others, such as the SparrowHawk, are built from proven, carefully engineered kits with an established safety record.

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