SparrowHawk III Gyroplane Quick-build Kit - (Please contact us for current pricing.)

The SparrowHawk III Gyroplane Quick-build Kit ("SparrowHawk III") and an AAI Stability Kit for stability modifications to the RAF2000 kit gyroplane, were developed by American Autogyro International, Inc. ("AAI") to resolve the stability issues the kit gyroplane world had been plagued with. Stability needs 'centerline-thrust' (properly designed) to be 'hands-off stable.' The SparrowHawk III is centerline and hands-off-stable. When the RAF2000 gyroplane kit is modified using the AAI Stability Kit (when properly installed), it becomes centerline and stable from having been one of the least stable kit gyroplanes widely sold. (Please see "SH III Kit" page for a list of what is contained in the SparrowHawk III kit and the AAI Stability Kit for the RAF2000.)

With thousands of flight hours on American Autogyro designed SparrowHawk gyroplanes, the SparrowHawk III is widely accepted as a fun, affordable, and safe gyroplane. This homebuilt aircraft kit provides everything you need to fly except fuel, and includes a 165 hp Subaru EJ-25 power plant, flight instruments, propeller, and rotor blades. AAI also offers add-on kit options for an additional price. Average build time of the SparrowHawk III's quick build format is now down to 300 hours or less.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has evaluated the SparrowHawk III Gyroplane Quick-build Kit and determined that it qualifies to be included in the FAA listing of Eligible Amateur-Built Aircraft Kits under the "51% rule." This means that the homebuilder who buys and builds a SparrowHawk III only needs it inspected after it is built. The builder does not need to prove compliance with the 51% rule. Proving it was a SparrowHawk III Gyroplane Quick-build Kit is sufficient, which is easy to do.

The award winning SparrowHawk, with its centerline-thrust design, has been featured by much of the aviation media, including the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), and Popular Rotorcraft Association (PRA) (to name just a few). In the opinion of many, the SparrowHawk III Quick-build Kit has been by far the easiest to build, most fun to fly, and safest gyroplane on the kit market

AAI has continued to refine and improve on its award winning SparrowHawk design. The SparrowHawk III significantly reduces the time and effort involved and makes the build process a more enjoyable and satisfying part of the whole experience.

Estimated build time for the SparrowHawk III, as mentioned above, is approximately 300 hours, a notable reduction in build time from the previous model.

The SparrowHawk III is a 2 seat, aluminum frame, centerline thrust gyroplane with a wide (44") molded fiberglass cabin - four inches wider than a Cessna 172. The SparrowHawk III provides comfortable seating for individuals with up to 6'6" in height and 240 lbs in weight. The kit comes with everything you need to fly daytime VFR, except for fuel. Radios, transponders, GPS systems, and additional instrumentation are offered. Any additions to the SparrowHawk III, no matter where acquired, are at the discretion of the buyer/builder.

Quick Build Amenities Included
Wheels fully assembled
Trim box fully assembled
Cabin fully fabricated and assembled with seat rails, fuel cells, kick plate and instrument trays
Wiring harness completed with numbered tags on each end
Tail fully fabricated and assembled
Forward keel & mast assembled
Control rods ready to bolt in place
Engine components pre-installed including pre-rotator & re-drive

Length: 12'3"
Width: 6' 1"
Height: 10'
Engine: Subaru EJ25-165 hp
Fuel: Premium Unleaded
Fuel Capacity: 23 gal
Fuel Consumption: 6.5 gph at cruise
Rotor Diameter: 30' - 2 blade
Dry Weight: 900 Ibs.
Useful Load: 600 Ibs.
Gross Weight: 1,500 Ibs.

Minimum Take-off Ground Roll: 100'
Normal Take-off Ground Roll: 300'-500'
Landing Roll: 0-30'
Rate of Climb (ft./min.): 650'
Speed - Maximum (Vne): 100 mph
Speed - Cruise: 75 mph
Service Ceiling: 10,000'
Endurance (with 1/2 hour reserve) at cruise: 3 hours

The SparrowHawk III Gyroplane Quick Build Kit is an Amateur-Built (also known as home-built or kit-built) aircraft, built by individuals and licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as "Experimental." The Experimental designation has been in existence for more than half a century. It defines aircraft that are used for non-commercial, recreational purposes such as education or personal use. Currently, more than 23,000 amateur-built/home-built aircraft are licensed by the FAA. While some of these are truly "home-built" by individuals, others, such as the SparrowHawk, are built from proven, carefully engineered kits with an established safety record.

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